1. Creating a Company Culture: What it is and why it matters

    You’ve developed your company’s slogan and have a tagline that appears on every marketing piece and press release. But what about your corporate culture? Can you describe it? Do you even have one? And if you do, is it the one that you want? Make no mistake, whether you’ve actively created one or just allowed it to happen, your company does have a culture. It’s up t…Read More

  2. Interviewing Strategies — How to Choose the Best Candidate for the Job

    It’s not easy finding the right employee. Even if you hire a job search firm, at some point it comes down to you and the candidate, and you may not be entirely sure you have asked all the right questions or fully understood the responses you were given. For example: What does the job candidate mean when she says she wants a “challenging position with advancement potent…Read More

  3. The Information Silo—Keep It Up or Tear It Down?

    You’ve been staying on top of all the latest management strategies and operational techniques, and now you’ve set your sights on siloes — specifically the ones that exist in your company that you suspect are negatively impacting productivity. Before you send out the wrecking ball to tear them down, you might want to rethink the idea. While it’s true that a heavily …Read More

  4. Not a DIY Project—Why Using An Outside Expert Can Make All The Difference

    It’s your company. You know how you want it to operate. You have a vision and a goal, supported by a management style that you have built over decades. And it has served you well—until lately. You’ve noticed some weak areas in your company’s operations, and it appears that the performance of your team just isn’t up to your standards. Your solution? You’re going…Read More


    One of the biggest obstacles to the success of teams and organizations is achieving alignment. Webster defines alignment as “an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another.” Webster defines misalignment as “a condition of being badly or improperly aligned.”Regardless of whether an organization or team is attempting to overcome misalignment or to achi…Read More