My Best Friend Blayre

Blayre is my daughter. She is a person with special needs and developmental disabilities and she is my best friend. Blayre is the greatest gift I have ever received in life. She has taught me so many things about myself and about how to put someone else's needs before my own. Before you can understand this in context, I will have to tell you the

Love in Business. Is It An Oxymoron?

THE CHALLENGE We often think of business as a place where professionalism is the standard and emotional expression is unprofessional. I beg to differ. As human beings, we are emotional creatures driven by our emotional need for connection but forced to leverage logic and rationale to preserve professional decorum. Although the need to be accepted

Are You as Effective as You Could Be?

My working definition of reflection is taking time to think about where we are in our journeys, how we got there and what is possible for the future. It provides us with the opportunity to not be in motion but at rest. It is also an opportunity to discover what should be the next phase of our journey.

Relationships Are the Landscape of Our Lives

Our relationships with others can be viewed as the landscape of our lives. We spend our entire lives tending to that landscape. In some periods of our lives divorce, death, feuding, marriage, new birth, and reconciliation drastically change the landscape. Who we are has a significant impact on the health and quality of our relationships. How we

Reinventing The Brand That You Reflect

Reinvention is about assessing how you are perceived and how those perceptions impact your ability to be effective. Reinvention is about mapping out a strategy to modify your behavior to align with the personal brand you desire. Modeling behavior that is consistent with what we preach is one aspect of alignment. However, alignment that connects

Are You Ready to Start Your Journey?

To maximize your personal effectiveness you must align your purpose, goals, thinking, practice and passion and find peace.  I find that no matter where we are in our lives, we all need help personally and professionally in several areas. We need to always try to identify where we are in our journey and what might be getting in the way of our life


As I sit here in Hvar Croatia with my wife on vacation after spending a few days in Rome, I am recalling the teamwork that it took to get here. In 1999 we took a trip to the South of France which, until today, was at the top of my list of our vacations together. I remember sitting on the Mediteranian looking at huge yachts and expensive cars and

Where Did You Get Your Baggage and Are You Ready to Leave it Behind?

I picked up my bags in Port Arthur, Texas, 1964. One bag was filled with my circumstances, things I did not choose and could not control: an environment of poverty, drug addiction and mental illness. The other bag was left empty for me to fill with the challenges that I would inevitably create for myself. This was my baggage: circumstance and

Engage Employees Produce Fruit and Fruit Produces Success

Three of the major focal areas in business today are employee engagement, innovation, and leadership effectiveness. I believe these the concepts have a significant impact on organizational effectiveness and the overall success of an organization.

THINK! Maximizing Personal Effectiveness May 2, 2011

Sign up for our THINK! Maximizing Personal Effectiveness Workshop being held on May 2, 2011 at 1624 Market Street, Suite 202, Denver, CO 80202. This is a condensed module of our GE Session C nominated THINK! Leadership Program.