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Transformation Point is a Colorado-based management consulting firm focused on changing the world one person, one team, and one organization at a time. We achieve this by helping you make real goals, optimizing your team's performance, and helping your employees become and stay engaged. We do one-on-one management consulting, leadership development, employee engagement training, and more!

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Make the Right Choices for Your Business

Transformation Point consultants in Denver are uniquely qualified to help you understand these choices.

We use employee performance evaluations to help you understand your team's dynamics and improve their engagement.

Improve performance and your managers' ability to run their teams by aligning your employees' talents with your business's needs.

Our proven leadership development program will help your managers become leaders, improving team morale and performance.

Help your team work together successfully, resolve conflicts, and achieve new heights with our practical approach to team development.

Our one-on-one management consulting helps individuals improve weaknesses, understand strengths, and truly succeed.

We make motivational speaking inspiring and practical, so your employees and your management can feel empowered.

Our track record with our clients indicates a satisfaction rating above 90 percent across participants representing more than 30 countries. We help your team work better together and hold a higher degree of accountability for their actions.

How? We make your unique challenges the centerpiece of our management consulting approach without charging you for customization.

Why? Because participants want to learn methods they can apply to their real issues in a relevant context. They don’t want someone else’s case study, they want to apply knowledge and skills to their real challenges in real time. With this applied knowledge, we help you identify who needs to be involved based on the team or business challenge you want solved. Participants get a common language, common skills, a common approach, and a common application in one unified and cohesive experience.

See why our business consulting, employee engagement, and leadership development programs in Denver and across the world are so effective and find out how we can help your business today!

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