1. Has a Phenomenal Talent

    Kevin’s phenomenal talent brought about significant change and outstanding results

    Jeff Possehl, Managing Partner
  2. Listens, Analyze and Identifies

    Kevin’s ability to listen carefully, objectively analyze the specifics of a situation, and identify practical action steeps set him apart from those with ‘academic’ solutions.

    Mark Wickliffe, Principal
  3. Provides Practical Guidance

    Kevin understands human and organizational dynamics and provides practical guidance to individuals and teams to help them function more effectively within organizations.

    Zaid Haddad, CFO
  4. Brought Positive and Long-Lasting Improvement

    Kevin’s coaching has brought about positive and long-lasting improvements in communication, cooperation and understanding within our department.

    Kevin has an in-depth knowledge of interpersonal behavior and group interaction and is a real pleasure to work with.

    Bill Evans, Senior Manager
  5. Teaches Life Altering Concepts

    The concepts and methodologies Kevin teaches are truly life altering.

    “Helped My Business Revenue Grow”

    I saw my business revenue grew by 85%. Needless to say, I attribute much of my business success by what I’ve learned by working with and absorbing from Kevin.

    Richard N. Rhodes, CEO/COO
  6. Has Casual and Approachable Delivery Style

    Kevin has a keen understanding of human, team, and organizational dynamics. His casual ad approachable delivery style enables him to challenge perceptions and concepts in a nonthreatening way.

    Michael Niyompong, CEO
  7. Is an Energetic and Engaging Facilitator

    Kevin, of Transformation Point, is an energetic and engaging facilitator. He works well with groups large and small. Kevin’s meetings are fast-paced, informative and fun. I would recommend Kevin for your next group facilitation.

    Ann Coatney, Office Manager, The North Highland Company
  8. Is an Exceptional Consultant

    Kevin, of Transformation Point, is an exceptional consultant. Very smart and personable. Great facilitator and problem solver. Can break problems down very quickly and either project manage or be hands-on in implementing the solution. I would highly recommend Kevin.

    Mark Spoor
  9. Cuts to the Chase

    Kevin, of Transformation Point, has worked with me as a personal coach for the last two years. When we started the process there was a lack of trust in my leadership. After Kevin identified the core issues I was able to fairly simply change the trust level. Kevin has a great ability to cut to the chase and not waste time.

    Chuck Singleton, Republic Financial Corporation
  10. Has Changed My Life

    Kevin has changed my professional and personal life from the moment we got together for our first meeting.

    Jung Park