The Transformation Point service and course offerings are built around our core strengths in counseling individuals, teams and organizations. These include dynamics, strategy, facilitation, transformation, alignment, infrastructure and motivation.

Recommended Resources

Leadership-ConnectionsLeadership Connections
Specializing in sales training workshops and seminars for business to business consultative sales professionals, sales management executives, corporate sales teams, business development, and prospecting in Denver, Colorado, Leadership Connections (LCI) also serves the National North America sales community. Learn more at

Revenue-NorthRevenue North
Revenue North Business Growth Summit provides entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized business owners, and managers with local (regional) affordable, no-frills, world-class training. Conference training focuses on sales, marketing, customer retention, access to capital and acquiring A+ talent and is designed to help attendees grow their business and increase revenue. Experts are gathered in all fields to share proven ways to grow your business. Learn more at

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