Lonely-Walk-JourneyTo maximize your personal effectiveness you must align your purpose, goals, thinking, practice and passion and find peace. I find that no matter where we are in our lives, we all need help personally and professionally in several areas. We need to always try to identify where we are in our journey and what might be getting in the way of our life satisfaction and success.

As Your Journey Begins Hope is in Your Heart

Lonely-Walk-JourneyYou have no idea of what you will have to face on this journey. As the starting point begins to fade in the distance, you began to feel a sense of loss for that which was familiar to you. You did not realize how comfortable you had become with your circumstances. It would have been easier to accept your circumstances and settle for a life of complacency. For a moment, you are tempted to return home. Maybe you didn’t really need to leave. And what sane person would leave home, that familiar and comfortable place, to figure out what was possible instead of accepting what was? Then again, what sane person would choose to struggle so? Maybe you should just turn around and see what tomorrow would offer. But that just seems much too close to the thinking that kept you from leaving sooner. That routine wasn’t changing anything and only increase you complacency. You filter these thoughts as you walk. You realize how tempting is was to take the easy path.

We need to be very determined to practice processing our experiences so that we can conclude that our existence was about our journey more than about arriving at any destination. We need to begin to believe that each stop along our journey is like an interim destination, a place to pause, reflect and refocus before continuing the journey. While you may find yourself somewhat taken aback by this possibility, you also
will find yourself encouraged by it. Each time you move on you will be better for the experience and more equipped to continue your journey. You will be gaining new tools and new perspectives.

This was the most exciting challenge you will ever face. With each stop along the way, you found himself ready to pick up new tools that would help you on the next leg of your journey. Hopefully you will begin to focus more on the next stop of his journey and much less on the destination you had once set for yourself, for you need to realize that each stop provided new truths and enlightenment. You will now feel a sense of freedom and found peace in knowing that your perspective will change if you leave yourself open
to experience your journey as a seeker of growth opportunities — an explorer of new thinking. Modeling behavior that is consistent with what we preach is one aspect of alignment. However, alignment that connects us with our passion creates the path for us to operate at the level of our potential.

For Me it Has Been a Long Journey

My journey continues. I reached back to the practices of consciousness to help me become aligned. During my journey, I now have a purpose and a focus. Life is no longer just about me, but it is also about them. Even with such a great awakening I realized that a focus and purpose alone were not enough.

As you can see, alignment is no easy task and it is inextricably linked to consciousness. Without consciousness alignment is not possible. We have to be conscious of our misalignment before we can address it. What I have learned is that I have to be open, virtually turned inside out, before I got it. Now, after many hours of reflection, I see the
simplicity of my problem. I was not ready or willing to transform; therefore, I was not capable of transforming. Founding Transformation Point was the catalyst for my journey because it immersed me in concepts that helped me to understand my own misalignment. It helped me make the connection between learning, thinking systematically, and transformation. My quality of life and the quality of my relationships have improved as a result of becoming more personally aligned. My choices are aligned with my goals and my behavior (on most days) and align with my personal brand. This has resulted in a much higher level of life satisfaction.

I am energized by who I am and what I do. I am inspired when I am able to
inspire others.