We conduct The Birkman Method® Assessments for individuals and teams. This personality assessment provide insight into individual needs, stress behaviors and strengths that impact individual and team effectiveness. Each person that takes the personality assessment receives an individual debrief of the personality test.


Example Birkman Method® Report

The Birkman Preview report provides an introductory overview of much of the career and relationship data generated by your responses to The Birkman Method® questionnaire. The Birkman Method® was created from exhaustive empirical research in the workplace. Over 2.5 million people have taken the assessment since its development in the 1950s. Over the years, it has been repeatedly validated and has shown to have been reliable and consistent with contemporary psychological theory.

Example Birkman 360 Report

The Birkman 360° measures the perceptions of those who work with you by asking them how often you exhibit skills and behaviors (“competencies”) that are critical to your work and to your organization’s success. Critical competencies differ somewhat from one organization and from one role or functional area to another. But the Birkman 360 collects data on the entire range of competencies that characterize highly effective persons and their organizations.

You can significantly increase the value you derive from the Birkman 360 Report by meeting with your manager, Birkman consultant, or human resources professional to select the competencies that are critical to your organization and to your present and anticipated roles in it. (If you completed this step in advance, the competencies you selected will be marked with an asterisk [*] throughout the report.)

Example Birkman on Demand (BOD) Report 1

This Workbook is intended for use by certified Birkman consultants — particularly newly trained Birkman consultants, who may be looking for a guide that can help them with the first few “feedbacks” that they perform using their recently acquired skills.

Example Birkman on Demand (BOD) Report 2

The Workbook is designed to be used by two or more people working together. Please don’t use it on your own — you will not get the full benefit of the Workbook if you try to use it by yourself. If your Workbook contains more than one Topic, work with each Topic separately. Don’t try to deal with more than one Topic at a time.



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