I have had several conversations over the last couple of weeks with clients, partners, and colleagues about the concept of building connection. The context has been related to inspiring others, energizing the workforce, and building sustainable partnerships. The short story is that getting connected is essential to maximizing effectiveness.

The case of the technical and operational leader. Some leaders have great competence in re-engineering the enterprise but very little when it comes to inspiring employees and connecting them to organizational objectives. They don’t wake up each day with the goal of nurturing a disconnected culture. They just don’t realize how important it is to maximizing the investment they are making in operational and technological improvements. They don’t understand the human dynamic.

The case of the misguided consulting firm. Coopetition is when competitors come together to create value neither could deliver alone. Picking the right partner is essential. The fundamental selection criterion includes shared values. When values are not aligned, connection suffers and so does impact. What should be a synergistic relationship becomes one of conflict and disconnect. Somewhere in that equation, delivering value to the customer becomes an at-risk commodity.

So what does this all mean? You may have the best players on the team and the best technology and processes. However, if you don’t have the highest level of connection you will not have the greatest collaboration, engagement, velocity, or impact.