1. 9 Qualities of a Good Team Leader

    The previous post detailed some strategies and tips for creating a productive team. In this post, we’ll look at what is needed to be a productive team leader. You can have the best, most productive and committed team members in the world, but without a good team leader, it will all fall apart. So what are the qualities of a good team leader? Qualities of a Good Team Lea…Read More

  2. Creating a Productive Team

    The saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” is true both in the kitchen and in the business environment. And it becomes obvious when teams are formed without a clear understanding of how a team should function. Too often, it devolves into a battle over who is in charge or what ideas should be given the most merit. This leads managers to decide that adopting the team ap…Read More

  3. The Multi-Generational Melting Pot — Making It Work at Work

    If you’ve got an alphabet-soup of generations at your business, you’ve probably struggled with making your message fit your audience. However, the problem may not be with the content, but with the recipients: specifically, how your message is being received after it has gone through their “gen filters.” You Say “Po-Tay-To,” I say “Po-Tah-To” Each generation…Read More

  4. Increasing Employee Engagement

    CEOs focus on numbers to track how well their business is doing. ROI, profit and loss, assets and liabilities: you name it and there is a chart, formula or accounting spreadsheet that gives them the figure they want, or in some cases, not want. But one number that might not make it on their list but should is the one measuring employee engagement. Why does that one matter?…Read More

  5. How to Be a More Effective Leader

    “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” may be a cliché, but like so many old sayings, there is truth behind it, something you have undoubtedly realized when you’ve tried to get your team pulling in the same direction. Even the word “team” conjures up an image of horses harnessed together, all pulling in the same direction. But too ofte…Read More

  6. Not a DIY Project—Why Using An Outside Expert Can Make All The Difference

    It’s your company. You know how you want it to operate. You have a vision and a goal, supported by a management style that you have built over decades. And it has served you well—until lately. You’ve noticed some weak areas in your company’s operations, and it appears that the performance of your team just isn’t up to your standards. Your solution? You’re going…Read More


    THE CHALLENGE We often think of business as a place where professionalism is the standard and emotional expression is unprofessional. I beg to differ. As human beings, we are emotional creatures driven by our emotional need for connection but forced to leverage logic and rationale to preserve professional decorum. Although the need to be accepted and valued by others may b…Read More


    As I sit here in Hvar Croatia with my wife on vacation after spending a few days in Rome, I am recalling the teamwork that it took to get here. In 1999 we took a trip to the South of France which, until today, was at the top of my list of our vacations together. I remember sitting on the Mediteranian looking at huge yachts and expensive cars and wondering what people did t…Read More