“Unleashing your organization’s People Power Potential”

I’m passionate about helping clients achieve an inspired life by understanding how to make transformational choices. To make those choices, people must understand what motivates them, what patterns of behavior are adversely affecting their progress, and how they can change those responses to achieve their goals.

At a personal level, learning to make transformational choices creates a more fulfilled life. In the business environment, it maximizes what I call “People Power Potential”—increases the productivity a company is currently getting from its teams to a much higher level.

The cornerstone of “People Power” is communication. Without communication, people operate based on mistaken assumptions, incorrect interpretations and misapprehensions. But when the ability to communicate is improved, people can explore multiple perspectives, learn new techniques, and discover new possibilities.

The importance of communication was brought home to me at a very personal level following the birth of my daughter Blayre. Born with developmental disabilities, Blayre is completely dependent on others for her care, yet unable to communicate what she wants or needs. Only by learning to listen to her with all my senses have I been able to truly connect with her. As a result of this life-changing experience, I have focused on applying that same level of responsiveness in my interactions with others and through Transformation Point, teach others how to do the same.

I believe that people already have inside of them what they need to be their best possible self and to have their best possible life. My role is to serve as the catalyst that brings people together, facilitates their understanding of the current situation, maximizes their current capabilities and empowers them to create the changes to achieve their goals. I create the type of experiences that allows people to break through the obstacles and restraints that keeps them from tapping into their maximum potential—their individual “People Power” ability. This enables them to live fuller, more productive lives, personally and professionally.

I love what I do in my business because it allows me to directly make an impact on the lives of people. By helping to foster the kind of work environment that energizes people, they can become better partners, better parents and better citizens.

This is my passion—what I was put on this earth to do.

Kevin L. King: The Catalyst for Change