An Assessment Designed To Improve Engagement

employee developmentWe can help you engage your employees and start performing better — as individuals, as a team, and as a company.

Transformation Point’s T Method® is designed corporations in Denver and around the world. If you feel your company has lost a certain level of employee engagement, we can help re-engage them while boosting their performance. By carefully evaluating each employee’s personality assessment, we can help you better understand why they are performing the way they are and how to improve.

The Assessment

We use The Birkman Method® to fully evaluate each team member’s preferences and stress tendencies. This personality assessment provides insight into:

  • Individual needs
  • Individual stress behaviors
  • Individual strengths
  • Other factors that impact both individual and team effectiveness

At the end of the assessment, we provide one-on-one consultations with your employees to go over their results, and then we compile your entire team’s results to build comprehensive profiles of each individual and team within your company.

Benefits of Our Assessment

With our T Method service, your company will receive:new-tmethod

  • Insight into individual personalities and how each person approaches his/her job.
  • Awareness of potential challenges or opportunities in team interactions.
  • Scientific data that allows you to align expectations with an individual’s interests and motivational needs.
  • The ability to assemble highly productive teams.
  • Cognitive models on which to base performance measurements.
  • Tools for successful conflict management.

Employee Development: What’s Included in T Method

t-methodBirkman Assessment

  • Provides insight into individual needs, stress behaviors, and strengths, which impact individual and team effectiveness.
  • Entails a personality assessment and a consultative debrief of the results.

Team Dynamics Analysis

  • Identifies the human and process dynamics that affect each team member.
  • Develops strategies and approaches to anticipate conflicts and control their impact.

Individual and Team Profiles

  • Provides individual assessment results and analysis.
  • Provides a basis on which to measure performance and growth.

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