T Method: Birkman Method Assessment

T MethodWe use individual and team personality type assessments to gain insight into the dynamics that need to be addressed to improve individual, team and organizational development. Although we can work with personality type assessments that may be used by our client organizations, our preference is to use The Birkman Method® personality assessment to identify individual, team and organizational dynamics.

The Birkman Method® is an industry-leading personality assessment and related reports that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career management and interpersonal conflict resolution. We conduct The Birkman Method® Assessments for individuals and teams. This personality assessment provide insight into individual needs, stress behaviors and strengths that impact individual and team effectiveness. Each person that takes the personality assessment receives an individual debrief of the personality test. We employ the Birkman Method® to build comprehensive profiles of individuals and teams. Purchase our Birkman Method® related services at TP Birkman.

The Birkman 360° is a powerful multi-rater survey tool for helping individuals improve, grow, and develop. 360°s are natural complements to data provided by The Birkman Method®. They are often used together for Coaching and Leadership Development. The Birkman 360° focuses on nine important leadership competencies that drive work, relationships, and organizational success. The nine competencies relate to:

  • Strategic thinking and long-term planning for key business and organizational outcomes.
  • Engaging others efforts in support of goals and outcomes – communicating the vision, building commitment, and assigning responsibility.
  • Decision making, coaching others, and effective resource management
  • Understanding the organization, customers, culture, and competitive environment.
  • Drive to pursue personal and professional development

The Birkman 360° gathers information about individual performance as measured by the perspectives of self, managers, peers, subordinates, and others.

T Method Benefits

In the T Method service, we assess each person as an individual and as part of a team. We provide you with analysis of the dynamics that will affect each person and their interactions with others. T Method offers you:

  • Insight into individual personalities and how each person approaches his/her job.
  • Awareness of potential problems or opportunities in team interactions.
  • Scientific data that allows you to align expectations with an individual’s capacity to succeed.
  • The ability to assemble highly productive teams.
  • Cognitive models on which to base performance measurements.

T Method Components

        Birkman Assessment
      • Provides insight into individual needs, stress behaviors and strengths that impact individual and team effectiveness.
      • Entails a personality assessment and a consultative debrief of the results.
          Team Dynamics Analysis
        • Identifies the human and process dynamics that affect each team member.
        • Develops strategies and approaches to anticipate disruptions and control their impact.
          Individual and Team Profiles
        • Builds records of individual assessment results and analysis.
        • Provides a basis on which to measure performance and growth.

      Related Services

      • T Wise one-on-one advising provides individual direction for potentially disruptive staff.
      • T Works offers team development and turnaround to align goals, resolve conflict and allow teams to succeed.

    For more information on The Birkman Method® personality assessment, see our overviews of The Birkman Method® Assessment, The Birkman 360, and Birkman On Demand (BOD).