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  1. Employee Engagement statistics

    Why Employee Engagement Is Necessary

    Your employees are more important than your customers. Having employees who are engaged, passionate, and dedicated to your company is your best chance for success, customer retention, and growth. After all, you know that major problems in your company don’t start with the customers, they usually start with how your customers are treated, and that starts with how your em…Read More

  2. What to Look for in Your Motivational Speaker – Part One

    Motivational speakers are so much more than people who have inspiring stories to share. Especially when you are dealing with building employee engagement for your Denver team, you want the kind of speaker who can inspire immediately, as well as make a lasting impression on each person in your company, and this requires having the right content with the right delivery. At …Read More

  3. Understanding Employee Engagement

    “I’m Putting a Man on the Moon.” There is a story, that’s truthfulness remains to be seen, but which relays employee engagement perfectly. It is about a janitor who worked at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the 1960s. He was performing well above standards, and was noticed by management to be extremely dedicated to his work. When Presid…Read More


    Blayre is my daughter. She is a person with special needs and developmental disabilities and she is my best friend. Blayre is the greatest gift I have ever received in life. She has taught me so many things about myself and about how to put someone else’s needs before my own. Before you can understand this in context, I will have to tell you the story of my best friend …Read More


    Three of the major focal areas in business today are employee engagement, innovation, and leadership effectiveness. I believe these the concepts have a significant impact on organizational effectiveness and the overall success of an organization. People are a Competitive Edge It is important to know and understand that the only advantage an organization has over a competit…Read More


    Sign up for our THINK! Maximizing Personal Effectiveness Workshop being held on May 2, 2011 at 1624 Market Street, Suite 202, Denver, CO 80202. This is a condensed module of our GE Session C nominated THINK! Leadership Program. Use the following link for the course overview and registration link.…Read More


    Recent reports indicate that a large share of the workforce will leave their current positions as the economy improves. Lean times have driven leaders and managers to do more with less. The “less” happens to be the key talent within organizations.Many organizations have relied heavily on their key talent in recent years and they may simply be burned out, which may show…Read More

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